Sunday, August 12, 2012

Op-ed: Women Ruling during the Transitional Period

Image via The Open Majlis

I wanted to share a comment I received from a female colleague who read my comments on"Leave the Power to Women" by Abdullah Mahwari

"The analysis is very interesting and highlights the confusion that some people have regarding the ability of women to contribute positively to the future of Yemen.
Like Yemeniaty, I was surprised with the time frame that the writer of the article used "transition period". It weakened his argument. Transition is the most challenging period for any nation. It shapes its future. If the author truly believe that women are capable in managing the country during this period than he would not have limited it to a time frame. In the contrary, the article seems like an attempt to protect men from failing by calling for women to take over. If women failed than it would be difficult for them to have another chance but if they succeed then it is the time for men not women to build on this success!!!

I hope one day we will go beyond men or women and will start focusing on having the right person in the right place regardless to gender.

Eid mubarak in advance,

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*Jeehan is the assistant of the World Bank executive director for Yemen and Arabia 


  1. Tried reading your blog for the first time. I read the first sentence and decided its not worth it. No offense, but I can't take someone seriously when they can't spell. college vs colleague

    1. Thanks for your astute observation. As for the blog, I guess to each their own, but I do recommend that you read other blogs on Yemeni women. I have a list on the right hand side if you are interested or you can read others simply by googling it. Cheers!